Monday, 7 November 2011


As my third semester of study at Stella is successfully completed, I am faced with doubts of my own. How much have I honestly learnt? How much of it is a "just-another-paper-attitude"? I realised that although I understood the theories that had been prescribed for study- I did not know what to make of them after the semester. I had understood what they were talking about, but how do I put them in perspective with my life, my background and my understanding? What are we really talking about?

I am now going back to study all that I had been told to- with diligence and some curiosity, with sensibility and patience. I am taking baby-steps to understand, re-learn and apply what I have been introduced to, to my reading and outlook. I want to understand what Women's Writing is all about- in practicality. I had seen it as a paper, as a text for study- now I am going to study it all again- with earnestness.

Good luck to me.


  1. Apeetha- I have visited all three of your lovely blogs and find them well-written and insightful. Best of luck to you in your studies.

  2. Laurie- Thank you! :) That means a lot (coming from a poet)! :))